8 Things To Look For In A Local Hotel

Whether you are planning your next vacation or the next business trip, most probably, you need a place to stay, and finding a local hotel is no doubt the key to to making your stay worthwhile. It is in that endeavour that you may want to examine the following 10 points prior to booking your stay in a local hotel:

1. Location Location Location

In many cases this has been proven to be the most important thing to determine when booking a hotel. Regardless of the purpose of your trip, it's always useful to book a hotel near a bus or underground station. If you are on a budget, then it would also be a good idea to avoid the center of the city. It is a challenge to find an excellent place to stay, with great transport and easy links to the city centre, but the TLK Apartment & Hotel in Orpington offers all of these and more.

2. Amenities

When booking a hotel, make sure your room comes with all the tools you will need for an enjoyable stay. Little things like a coffee or tea maker, hairdryer, and high speed Wi-Fi are no doubt necessary for a pleasant stay.

3. Breakfast

Is breakfast accessible or included in the price? Whether or not a hotel serves breakfast, as long as it is within easy reach, that's all that really matters. Some hotels that don't serve breakfast may have the best cafes nearby, which is even more exciting as you're more likely to get a wider option. It's an even better way to sample what the locals have to offer and meet the locals.

4. Wheelchair Access

For those who are disabled, wheelchair access is a necessity. Check with the hotel before booking to ensure that they have a wheelchair accessible bathroom and other amenities that aid a comfortable stay.

5. Noise

The beauty of staying in a location like the TLK Apartment & Hotel in Orpington is that you're away from all the noise you'll normally get from a hotel in the city.

6. Entertainment

Great entertainment in your hotel room starts with a good size TV and great channels to keep you entertained. Every room at TLK Apartment & Hotel has a 40" flat screen TV with Freeview which offers a variety of channels you can enjoy.

7. Useful Electrical Outlets

In an age where electronics are a necessary convenience, when staying in a hotel, you need to be able to keep them running. You'll need USB sockets to keep all of your portable devices fully charged, whilst connected to a free WiFi in your room.

8. Comfort

Last but not least, comfort. It goes without saying that a comfortable room makes a hotel stay worthwhile. The newly refurbished rooms at TLK Apartment & Hotel in Orpington have a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and feature modern interior designs. Comfort is one thing you won't be missing at TLK.