Best Summer Festivals of London in 2019

Summer is a time of happiness, sun, sea, sand and of course, festivals. London is a city of many festivals, something to feed everyone’s curiousness. You can find festivals of all sorts; music festivals, food festivals, art festivals and much more. It is impossible to be bored in London in summer. You will always find something to do, no matter where you are or what the time is. Here are some of the festivals that are worth considering this summer:


Great British Beer Festival 6 – 10 August


This festival is without a doubt the dream for all beer lovers. From ciders to ales, drafts to IPA’s, there are no limits at the Great British Beer Festival. Held at the Olympia in London the first week of August, the festival does not only offer beer and cider, but it also offers various types of food and snacks for visitors to enjoy.


Taste of London Festival 19 – 23 June


The best tastes of London come together once a year for the Taste Festival. Comprising of classes, tastings and live entertainment, the Taste Festival takes place in Regent’s Park, centrally located and easily accessible. This festival is a must see for foodies in London!


Wireless Festival 5 – 7 July


Wireless festival is one of the most massive festivals of London, and tickets are always sold out if you are not fast enough. Wireless is a music festival with the hip hop and R&B genres. Being one of the largest music festivals in the UK, it is worth checking out if you like the music and are looking for things to do in London this summer.