Who are we:


TLK Apartments & Hotel provide accommodation across London. We understand the importance of quality service in the hospitality industry; hence, our staff are specially hired and trained to deliver outstanding customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the first contact to the last our staff are responsive, courteous and helpful. Having a mix of quality accommodation and visits to popular attractions is what is going to make your holiday both enjoyable and memorable. Our locations are all close to rail stations with direct links to London City. Check in can be done any time after 4pm. If you have a late flight or simply want to spend the day exploring and do not want to commit to a time this is no problem as your key is stored in a secure lockbox outside each property and you will receive the code for this on the day or arrival. Alternatively we can arrange an early baggage drop off time and an early check in with prior arrangement.


London is amazing

TLK Apartment & Hotels are located in this amazing city and we are London company. We love this city and all it has to offer which is something we are passionate about, which is why our Hotel and apartments are all located in London!


We are a Specialist in SLeep

No one comes to london to spend day or two inside, This city has so much to offer so most of our guest are out working or exploring, which is why we make sure the nights you are as comfortable as possible. Each room designed with your rest in mind by our professional who love their sleep as much as you do.

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number 1 priority is our guests

All our Apartments and Hotels are designed around our guest who are either professionals short staying in London or tourist who have come to see what London has to offer. Which is why we have every you need, a comfortable bed, a small kitchen and a shower.