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Why the TLK Apartments & Hotel ? Why Orpington ?

Why TLK Apartments & Hotel?

Whether you are a family visiting London or the regional South East, a contractor working in the local area, an individual or a couple, the TLK Apartments & Hotel have a great package for you. All rooms come equipped with kitchens - so you can treat the place like home and cook your meals, if you wish. There are also double rooms for disabled guests. 

With the revolution of holiday apartment rentals, the hotel market was crying out for a hybrid offering which could provide the pros of both a hotel and holiday apartment rental stay. TLK Apartments & hotel in Orpington, Bromley was happy to fill that void!

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Why contractors benefit from staying with TLKApartments & Hotels in Orpington

For a contractor, one of the greatest concerns when working away from home is finding a suitable accommodation that serves as home away from home. On the flip side, contractors want this at an affordable price. While this may read like an impossible find, TLK Apartments and Hotel actually makes this possible.

TLK Apartments & Hotels is part of TLK City Luxe which has over 350 places to stay in across London for its residents. We offer fantastic accommodation for contractors and individuals alike, with newly decorated rooms. Simply put, hospitality is our speciality and making sure we exceed your expectations is our key focus.

For contractors who find themselves in the Orpington area, TLK Apartments and Hotel provides impeccable accommodation deals that are second to none, whether they are aiming for a short or long stay. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the competition by giving you great value for money.

It's not uncommon that we all seek the comfort of home while away from home. We long to recreate all those comforts. It is no different for contractors whom, when working away from home try to find comfortable accommodation for themselves and their teams. With TLK Apartments and Hotel, you can breathe easy knowing that your accommodation problem is solved.

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Best Summer Festivals of London in 2019

Summer is a time of happiness, sun, sea, sand and of course, festivals. London is a city of many festivals, something to feed everyone’s curiousness. You can find festivals of all sorts; music festivals, food festivals, art festivals and much more. It is impossible to be bored in London in summer. You will always find something to do, no matter where you are or what the time is. Here are some of the festivals that are worth considering this summer:

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